Think more about how you live + work

Nicci Talbot

Hi, 👋 I’m Nicci 

I’m a UX writer + content designer who uses words to help and guide people through products & websites.

Conversational copy to create connection + build community…

I write The Shift – a publication about living + working online (a bit of an experiment which I’m enjoying!) Check it out here

  • The rise of the creator economy, the fastest-growing area of small business 
  • The remote working experiment – shaping the future of work, travel + citizenship
  • How we can use technology to solve problems – loneliness, wellbeing, education, trust + empowerment
  • My journey with UX writing + content design

I’m excited to be around for this. We can transform how we live + work. Reimagine the office and reorganise the world of work.

If you’re in this space, I’d love to connect –

Some brands I’ve worked with.

Photo by Natasha Russell