I’m Nicci – a copywriter + content strategist.

A lovely Aussie called Nick gave me my first job in journalism in 1999, writing for Travel Maps Australia – a budget travel mag in Perth. I interviewed backpackers, reviewed hostels (The Witch’s Hat, anyone?), drove to The Pinnacles and back down to Albany. I loved it so much I begged him to give me a job on the Sydney edition. And he did – hurrah!

Back in the UK, I won a scholarship to study magazine journalism with Emap and spent the next year learning on the job. Country Walking, MCN and Garden Answers. Exciting times – big budgets and mags were launching websites left, right + centre.

Itchy feet again, I moved to London to freelance for Here’s Health, Eve, Celebrity Bodies + various ad agencies. Had a brief stint at a corporate fraud agency. Yes, they really do rifle through bin bags!

Today I run my own content agency, Firebird, and write for startups, trade associations + many agencies. I can write about anything, but my passions are the craft of content, creativity, entrepreneurship, remote work & travel. I’m obsessed with creating and sharing great content. It can change the world.

I’ve published 12 books on health & lifestyle.

I’m a graduate of Anglia Ruskin University (BA Hons English) and have a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism. Mostly, though, I’ve learnt on the job, via mentors, short courses, YouTube, podcasts + books…