Freelance journalist & copywriter

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My Values

Culture – I prefer to work remotely to keep costs down – also do my best thinking in my studio. I like to mix things up, use different materials, and work in different places.

Curiosity – I’m curious about how things work, and what makes people tick. Copywriting is about empathy and emotion and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. We all buy on emotion and then rationalise it afterwards.

Conscientious – I’ll listen to what you need and do the best job I can. I’ll also give guidance on tone and style if required. I have long-term clients, and I love to see businesses thrive.

Charges – I usually charge by the project or day to keep things simple.

Charity – I give a percentage of my profits to The Book Trust, a charity that supports reading and literacy in children. I grew up reading Enid Blyton and the Bible – moral plays in the garden (ask my sister!). Those seven deadly sins tell us everything we need to know about selling…

Community – I’m a member of organisations who share my values – National Union of Journalists, RSA, ProCopywriters, Hoxby, Creative Industries Federation, & AllBright. I love to connect with other creatives, share ideas, opportunities, and generally fly the freelance flag…

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